Why choose us?

Because like everyone else you want a good product, and that’s what we offer, the quality website your business needs. Zoe, in joint venture with Kaitech Technology group (www.kaitech.co.za),has produced website for firms like AUDI, Alfa, Fiat, Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, Mercedes-Benz, Ssangyong, Mahindra, Bestmed, Avroy Shlain and many more.

How much does a website cost?

The cost of a site varies according to, complexity, depth, time to develop, amount of designers needed and so forth, but realistically a site can cost anything between R5 000 to R50 000 depending on the relevant factors.

Where do you host your websites and who owns the domains?

We use Osirion ( www.osirion.co.za ) to host our websites, the reason being is that they have solid infrastructure and impeccable service. The products offered makes our work easier and faster which reduces our cost and translates directly into savings for you.

What technology do you use?

We keep up to date with all the new product and technological innovations the industry, our favourites thus far are Adobe creative Cloud, HTML 5, CSS3, jQuerie and Java Script combined with Wordpress. Along with the backup we receive form from our joint venture with Kaitech Technology group (www.kaitech.co.za) We have developers fluent in ASP, PHP, VB, C++,  jQuerie, SAP, to name a few

How long does a Website take to complete?

Well, how long is a length of rope? Once again it depends on the sites complexity, amount of media and content in the site and most importantly how long the original spec sheet lasts. Realistically depending on the relevant factors building a site can take anything from a day to a year.

A complete spec doc can cut down the development time considerably. Website that needs constant changes to the original specs tend to take much longer.

What is SEO and do we really need it?

Having a Website without SEO (search engine optimization) is like having a sports car with no wheels. We don’t believe in eliminating offline media, far from it, your online marketing must work alongside your offline media. With 5 000 000 internet users per day in South Africa ites not enofe to be in the paper, or have a website, you need a website that stands out above the rest and even more importantly is be easy to come by.

Can I update my website by myself?

Of course you can, it’s your site. Whether you want to update the site yourself with CMS (Content Management Systems) or would like us to do it for you with our maintenance packages, doesn’t matter. Whichever suits your needs of your business the most. However we would recommend that we do the updates.

How often should I update my website content?

As often as anything changes is your business or its environment. Google and other search engines sends out spiders to crawl the web, looking for relevant and up to date content, the better the content, the higher your websites ranking. Note that if you do not update tour website constantly, your competitors are.  Which increases their rankings and drops yours.

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We are living in the age of information, millions of people are constantly and freely communicating with each other. For customers it’s a new way of comparing business to find the best product. And for business it’s a great opportunity to show the world what they have and how to find them.


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